Donnelly Trailers

Designed by Contractors. Built by Engineers

With over 40 years of manufacturing, Donnelly have a wealth of experience manufacturing Multi-Purpose trailers. The Donnelly Trailer is a Silage Trailer that can be turned into a flat bed trailer for moving bales or dirt sides can be added to turn into a dump trailer.

The versatility of these trailers allows it to be used for many functions and keep it moving all year around. The Donnelly Trailer can be seen working in many parts of New Zealand as it is the trailer of choice for many large farmers and contractors through out.


14-Tonne Donnelly Trailer

The 14 tonne model is 4.9 metres long, 2.65 metres wide...

16-Tonne Donnelly Trailer

The 16 Tonne Donnelly Trailer is a robust built trailer, which is 5.5 metres long, 2.65 metres wide...

18-Tonne Donnelly Trailer

The 18 tonne model have a Cubic Capacity of Dirt sides 9.3m2...