High performance propeller mixing systems for large lagoons

Our mixing systems are built in direct response to customer demand. They are designed to overcome the problems of mixing larger lagoons and to out-perform
other mixers in the market by operating more efficiently, more reliably and more quickly. Our Maxi Slurry Mixer range is a case in point. Smooth in its operation, it handles agitations with ease, even when the lagoon has a thick grass-infested crust.

The oil-bathed drive line is totally maintenance free, ensuring many years of trouble-free service; and the propeller offers the correct balance between operational efficiency and minimal power consumption. All vital parts are manufactured in corrosion free Stainless Steel and we offer various solutions and lengths.

Sizes Available:
7.5m, 9m and 12m.

Specification of 7.5m, 9m and 12m models:
  • Heavy Duty Type Drive Shaft and
    Mechanical Widia Seal 45 mm Diameter
  • Heavy Duty Propeller 730mm &
    840 mm Special Design and with
  • Length from Linkage to Propeller
  • 540 Or 1000 rpm Drive Speed
  • Oil Bathed Maintenance
    Free Drive Line
  • Drive Line Oil Reservoir
    with Sight Glass
  • PTO Shaft with Shear Bolt
  • Galvanised Construction

Options available include:

  • * Power Inputs from 80-400 HP
  • * “Over the Top” Tower Models
    up to 8 metres High Wall
  • * BioGas Digester Mixing