SlurryKat Doda Pumps

The DODA Pump is one of the most efficient, economic and highest performing pumping systems available on the market.
It primes first time, every time. The HD will pump thicker slurry than any other agricultural centrifugal pump on the


  • Unique Stone/Debris Protection System
  • Up to 35% more Fuel Efficiency
    (It can be run at lower revs and still achieve phenomenal output)
  • Highest Agricultural Pressure Pump on the Market
    (Operating at 18 bar pressure*)
  • High Resale Value
  • Low Running Costs
  • Mechanical Seal is Totally Separate from the Gearbox
  • Separate Gearbox Eliminates any Contamination if Mechanical Seal Fails due to Dry Running
  • Parts can be up to 70% Less Expensive than Nearest Competitor
  • Simple to Service, Repair & Maintain
  • Superior, Trouble-Free Chopping System
    (Very rarely blocks)
  • Unique Oil Cooling System Keeps Gearbox Cool
    (Even in heavy & prolonged conditions)
  • Special DODA Gearbox Oil is also Fitted for Long Gearbox Life in Circulation of the Cone
Optional Extras:
  • Headland Management System
    * Hd35 Pump Only
  • Sponge Ball/Pig Launcher Pipework
  • Doda Std Outlet Valve Set c/w Lever Ball Valve Green Finish
  • Combined A-Frame & 3pt Linkage Attachement
  • Circulation System With Swivel
  • Hydraulic Gate Valve In Lieu Of Manual Valve
  • Manual Hand Valve
    & Low Level Outlet
    c/w Swivel

Other Features

  • Hydraulic Auto Priming System
  • 5m Suction Hose
  • Galvanised Linkage Frame
  • Shear Bolt Driveline Protection
  • Removable Parking Stands